The murder of a local young woman, Tamra Martin, results in the arrest of J C Miller, a friend of the family and a disabled Army vet. Miller claims he was in a casino in another part of the state at the time of Tamra's murder. When no one believes him and with his life on the line, Miller calls the only attorney he believes can help him – Monroe T. Lovett.

Monroe's reply shakes Miller to his core. He almost can’t believe it when the answer is, “No.”

What Miller doesn’t know is that Monroe has his own problems. His problems are due to him having decided to take his law practice in a new direction. But this where things get a little tricky. His new direction it's not working out as he had planned. He’s not making any money and the financial pressure in reaching a boiling point between him and Debbie.There is only one person who can solve Monroe’s problems, but he is unwilling to speak with this person. Things only get worse until he is forced to have the conversation he’s been avoiding.

At the heart of Monroe's problem, he blames God for not giving him the life he thinks he deserves. And everything comes to a head after an ill-timed run-in with District Attorney Breaux and ADA Adrienne Scott in the courthouse. Following his unpleasant encounter with them is him coming face-to-face with Miller as he is entering the courthouse. The seconds-long encounter is extremely awkward. This sends Monroe into a tailspin, causing him to race out of town in his Camaro, driving like a man with a death wish.

This is when things change.

Life takes a renewed journey for Monroe when he faces his true enemy — himself. With some straightforward words from a stranger, Monroe gains a new outlook on life, agreeing to take on J C Miller’s appeal.

Unbeknownst to Monroe, there are forces working in the background, a person who is more than willing to spoil, not only Miller’s hope for freedom but to once again plot against Monroe. His name is FĂ©lix Roche.

Monroe believes everything is headed in the right direction again. But then life kicks him in the gut. His brother, Teddy, shows up out of the blue, and it’s not a happy reunion. Teddy has his own life problems and Monroe does not want his brother anywhere near him or Debbie. But events will take place causing Monroe to think Teddy played a role in sabotaging his case.

Teddy ends up on the run, having escaped from jail. Monroe believes one person had a hand is aiding his brother and that man shows up for a face-to-face. Roche comes to see Monroe one evening in his office. Threats are made.

When all seems lost, Monroe, before giving up, and having a hunch, decides to try one last attempt to discover who murdered Tamra Martin. If he’s wrong, it might mean Miller is guilty of the crime, or that the perfect frame job was conceived, leaving Miller to face death.

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