Monroe T. Lovett 3 in 1



Monroe and Debbie Lovett have moved to Peregrine, Mississippi where he has opened an office as a criminal defense attorney. There’s only one problem; no one seems to know who Monroe Lovett is, and to make matters worse, he hasn’t had a single client. His sole hope is that just one person will hire him.

That hope is answered when in walks Ashley Butler. Monroe is so glad to see her, happy to have a someone in need of his service that he jumps at the opportunity to represent her. Little does he realize, Ashley’s case will pit him against forces wanting his client convicted. Her case will open the closest to the Butler family’s secrets.

Ashley Butler’s problems started when adultery and accusations led to a single rash act that ended in murder. In a matter of seconds, an argument climaxed with Julie, Marcus Butler Jr.'s mistress, dead.


In this second big case for Defense Attorney Monroe T. Lovett, not everything is what it seems on the surface. Lies and conspiracy fueled by a radical social zealot, a media looking for anything to fuel the fire and help convict the defendant, and hate groups marching and chanting in the streets make things almost impossible for Monroe to find the truth. Even those closest to him question the innocence of his client, Ricky Magee.

Monroe will have to weave through racial tension mixed with murder and cover up all in the small Southern town as he defends his client, Ricky Magee, found at the crime scene in what appears to be an open and shut case against him. The evidence seems rock-solid. The victim is Demonte Williams, a young African-American man and supposed friend of Magee's. Groggy and claiming to have no memory of how he got there, Magee, who appears to have been in a fight, maintains his innocence, despite the vast amount of evidence to the contrary.

Nerves are on edge with the arrival of a national civil rights leader, Rev. Charles Louis, who brings his personal brand of justice with him. He takes the Williams family under his arms as he calls for support and protests. Reverend Louis wants Magee prosecuted as a racist and local prosecutor Robert Breaux agrees, adding on a hate-crime charge.


The murder of a local young woman, Tamra Martin, results in the arrest of J C Miller, a friend of the family and a disabled Army vet. Miller claims he was in a casino in another part of the state at the time of Tamra's murder. When no one believes him, and with his life on the line, Miller calls the only attorney he believes can help him - Monroe T. Lovett.

Monroe's reply shakes Miller to his core. He can’t believe it when the answer is, "No."

Monroe has decided to take his law practice in a new direction. But this new direction is not working out as he had planned. He's not making any money, and the financial pressure is reaching a boiling point between him and Debbie.

Monroe decided to blame God for his problems. And everything comes to a head after an ill-timed run-in with District Attorney Breaux and ADA Adrienne Scott in the courthouse.

Following this unpleasant encounter, Monroe comes face-to-face with Miller at the courthouse. This sends Monroe into a tailspin, causing him to race out of the courthouse and out of town, driving like a man with a death wish.

This is when things change.