My first love is Jesus. Without the saving grace of God found in Jesus, I would not even venture to say where my life might be today. I know the life that Jesus saved me from, a life of ungodliness.

Born in Jackson, Mississippi, I grew up in rural Mississippi due to my moving for my father’s work as a minister. At age 14 our family moved back to Jackson where I went to and graduated from Forest Hill High School in Jackson.

After high school, I, like many others, held several jobs and in his mid-twenties joined the Mississippi Air Guard as an Aircraft Loadmaster on the C-141 Starlifter. During his military service, I participated in Hurricane Hugo Relief, flying supplies to the Virgin Islands, receiving the Air Force Achievement Medal. I also served in Operation Just Cause, the invasion of Panama in December 1989. My military service ended after serving in The Persian Gulf War, also called Operation Desert Shield/Storm.

While in the Air Guard I met my wife, Kathie, while on a trip to England. She was on temporary assignment with the Ohio National Guard and I was a member of the aircrew assigned to fly her unit back to Ohio. We met on the airplane shortly after take-off and talked for hours. Yes, hours. And that conversation has been going on for over 26 years.

While still in the guard, I made the decision to return to college following a call to ministry. I graduated from Mississippi College in Clinton, MS with a BA. While going to college, I served as a minister in some rural country churches.

Next was a move to Ft. Worth, TX where I attended and graduated from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary with an MDiv. While attending seminary, I pastored briefly in Mineral Wells, TX but made the decision to put more focus on my studies and took a position working for the seminary. I worked for campus security and a graduate assistant during his final year. After seminary, I pastored churches in Illinois and Iowa.

Today, Kathie and I reside in Chattanooga, Tennessee.