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Monroe must do, what is, in his mind, the unthinkable.

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Release date pending

Benjamin Wade is a C-141 Aircraft Loadmaster who has a reputation for being sometimes rude and crusty. He’s been carrying a chip on his shoulder for the murder of his wife and daughter for ten years. He is taking what may be his last trip before retiring from the Air Force at 38 years of age. All he wants to do is get it over with and make his final decision. Re-upping for another three years is a possibility, but he’s just not sure.

After leaving Charleston Air Force Base with a junior airman who is still wet behind the ears, the crew flies to Sigonella Sicily. It is there that his life takes a drastic change when he meets Catrina Bello. The breathtaking brunette melts his heart, breaking through his crusty outer layer. No one has moved him like her since his first wife. And she feels for him as he does for her. But there’s one problem, Catrina’s father is trying to force her to marry another man, Marco Di Muzio, a man with close ties with a local mafia boss.

When Wade’s brother, an FBI Director, finds out what Di Muzio’s plans are for Catrina after she’s coerced into marrying him, he contacts Wade who is flying mission in Afghanistan and Turkey. Wade has one thing on his mind, get back and rescue Catrina from certain calamity.

However, the one who will need to be rescued is Ben Wade after his aircraft goes down in the Mediterranean Sea. With the crew believed to be dead and the wedding day just days away, it appears this love-at-first-sight relationship might never happen.


Release date pending

Monroe is asked to represent Evelyn Drake who is charged with murdering her husband, Henry Drake. Henry’s reputation has many saying that ole Henry got what he deserved. Monroe, after speaking with Evelyn, believes her story when no one else will. But is he making the right decision to represent her? Monroe will once again team with his friend and former New Orleans homicide detective Herm Edwards in search for the truth.