The Monroe T. Lovett Series

Book 1

A heated argument leads to a single rash act that ends in murder, leaving Marcus Butler Jr.'s mistress, dead on his bedroom floor.

Ashley Butler arrives at the office of Monroe T. Lovett in tears and afraid. She explains that her arrest is imminent for the murder of her husband's girlfriend and she has no money to pay him.

Book 2

Ricky Magee wakes up to find the barrel of a deputy's pistol pointed squarely in his face. After being dragged from his pick up, he looks up to see his good friend hanging from a tree with the rope tied to his bumper.

Monroe will weave through racial tension mixed with murder and cover up all in the small Southern town as he defends his client.

Book 3

The murder of a local young woman, Tamra Martin, results in the arrest of J C Miller, a disabled Army vet. Miller claims he was in a casino in another part of the state at the time of Tamra's murder. When no one believes him, and with his life on the line, Miller calls the only attorney he believes can help him - Monroe T. Lovett.

Monroe's reply shakes Miller to his core. He can’t believe it when the answer is, "No."

What if the most upright person stumbles? Oh, and what if that person is a decorated war hero and the President of the United States? Moreover, in the process of attempting to conceal his marital infidelity, he finds himself accused of treason and murder?