Books by Perry

The Monroe T. Lovett Series

Book 1

Monroe and Debbie Lovett have moved to Peregrine, Mississippi where he has opened an office as a criminal defense attorney. There's only one problem; no one seems to know who Monroe Lovett is, and to make matters worse, he hasn't had a single client. His sole hope is that just one person will hire him.

That hope is answered when in walks Ashley Butler. Monroe is so glad to see her, happy to have a someone in need of his help, that he jumps at the opportunity to represent her. Little does he realize, Ashley's case will pit him against forces wanting his client convicted. Her case will open the closest to the Butler family's secrets.

Book 2

One man is found hanging from a tree. Another is passed out in the truck that holds the rope.

In this second big case for Defense Attorney Monroe T. Lovett, not everything is what it seems on the surface.

Monroe will have to weave through racial tension mixed with murder and cover up all in the small Southern town as he defends his client, Ricky Magee, found at the crime scene, in what appears to be an open and shut case against him.

The evidence seems rock-solid. The victim is Demonte Williams, a young African-American man and supposed friend of Magee's. Groggy and claiming to have no memory of how he got there, Magee, who appears to have been in a fight, maintains his innocence, despite the vast amount of evidence to the contrary.

The murder of a local young woman, Tamra Martin, results in the arrest of J C Miller, a friend of the family and a disabled Army vet. Miller claims he was in a casino in another part of the state at the time of Tamra's murder. When no one believes him, and with his life on the line, Miller calls the only attorney he believes can help him - Monroe T. Lovett.

Monroe's reply shakes Miller to his core. He can’t believe it when the answer is, "No."
Working in the background is someone more than willing to spoil Miller's hope for freedom as he sets his eyes on going after Monroe. FĂ©lix Roche told Monroe the two would meet again, and now he is beginning to make good on his promise. But this time, their meeting is not in a courtroom or an out of the way cabin.

What Miller doesn't know is that Monroe has his own problems. Monroe has decided to take his law practice in a new direction. But this is where things get a little tricky. His new direction is not working out as he had planned. He's not making any money, and the financial pressure is reaching a boiling point between him and Debbie.

There is only one person who can solve Monroe's problems, but he is unwilling to speak with this person. Things get worse, that is, until he is forced to have the one conversation he's been avoiding.

At the heart of Monroe's problem, he blames God for not giving him the life he thinks he deserves. And everything comes to a head after an ill-timed run-in with District Attorney Breaux and ADA Adrienne Scott in the courthouse.

Following this unpleasant encounter, Monroe comes face-to-face with Miller at the courthouse. The encounter is awkward and brief, but sends Monroe into a sudden tailspin, causing him to race out of the courthouse and out of town in his Camaro, driving like a man with a death wish.

This is when things change.

What if the most upright person stumbles? Oh, and what if that person is a decorated war hero and the President of the United States? Moreover, in the process of attempting to conceal his marital mistake, finds himself accused of treason and murder?

Army Lieutenant Josh Davis suffers a devastating tragedy while home on military leave, while out on a hunting trip in Montana. He wakes up in the local hospital unaware of the severity of his injuries.

Trusting God for strength, Josh overcomes his injuries and returns to active duty on his first assignment in the desert of Iran as an Army Ranger. It isn't until he arrives at his new assignment that Josh discovers that his commanding officer is none other than his older brother. Lieutenant Davis is now leading a reconnaissance team that recently lost their previous lieutenant in battle.

In the team's first recon mission they fall under attack, earning Josh and his team commendations. In another mission into the desert, the team once again finds itself engaged in battle with the enemy with them suffering casualties before help can arrive. It is during this attack that Josh is injured.

Overcoming his injuries, Lieutenant Joshua Davis, for his brave actions during the battle, earns the Congressional Medal of Honor and a trip to the White House. It is here that he meets Michele, the president's daughter, and his future wife.

After marriage and a respectable military career, Josh retires, and he and Michele return to his family home in Montana for what they believe will be a relaxing, peaceful life together.

However, a politically conservative highly group has been keeping up with Josh Davis's career. They ask Josh to run for the Oval Office. After careful deliberation, he agrees to seek the highest office in the land. To his surprise, he discovers the road to the White House means running against his father-in-law, a former one-term President. Their political, and personal, embattlement ends with a surprising twist of fate.

Discover what happens when President Josh Davis finds himself in the highest office in the nation when his early success leads him to seek Middle-East peace. Believing he can attain victory, he puts together a plan using a Navy Seal Team. However, his strategy is compromised, leading to the death of all six Navy Seals.

As the pressure mounts, Josh's pride increases, devouring his faith as he succumbs to sexual temptation. He tries to cover up his sin. Michele is troubled as she watches her husband's downward spiral under the weight of his own guilt. Josh struggles with and must come to grips with his inner conflict of trusting God.

Is it too late to save his marriage and his presidency as he endures an impeachment trial for treason and the murder of six Navy SEALs? Experience the twists and turns to uncover the truth in the political conspiracy.