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Joe has lived a blessed life. Everything he has set out to do has been a success. Joe’s wife, Jennifer, is a stay at home mom who sometimes works as a freelancer in marketing. He has built a prosperous and growing business with the help of his best friend, Alex. Through it all, Joe has honored and given God the glory for his success.

However, there is one person who hates Joe’s success — Satan. And Satan is ready to show God that Joe will crumble under enough pressure. To prove his point, the devil seeks permission from God to push Joe to drive him to curse God. Satan plans to take away everything from Joe.

After a series of devastating events, Jennifer considers leaving Joe. And Joe finds himself ready to do what Satan desires, cursing God.

Book 4 in the MTL Series

Monroe finds himself defending his brother for the murder of a Mississippi State Trooper. To make matters worse, he also discovers that his brother has been working for Felix Roche. To prove his brother's innocence, Monroe will face the hardest decision he has ever faced, which could result in his wife Debbie’s death.

Monroe, Herm, and Woody will leave no stone unturned in the face-paced story with a shocking end.