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Release date TBD

Monroe will face his hardest test yet. Not only will this case pit him against FĂ©lix Roche, but he will have to defend his brother Teddy, who has been charged with murdering a Mississippi State Trooper.

To make matters worse, Teddy has a large sum of Roche's money hid, and Roche wants Teddy to reveal the money's location. Monroe and Teddy refuse to give in to Roche's threats, which leads to Roche turning up the heat on the Lovett brother, and especially on Monroe.

Roche will fight Monroe at every turn to see that Teddy goes to prison for murder. And the last thing Roche wants is for Monroe to prove Teddy's innocence and reveal the truth.

Not only will Monroe and Teddy feel the antagonism from Roche, but Debbie and Herm will be pushed to their limit in trying to uncover the evidence proving Teddy has been framed.

In the court, Monroe legal opponent is a highly skilled prosecutor from the Mississippi's Attorney General's office who comes over as being overly polite. And he is no fan of Monroe Lovett.